Every Kid Counts

A quality education equips students with everything they need to succeed.

Every child deserves quality education.

Empowered school systems, empower students. At EKCO, we have one goal: providing a quality education to all Oklahoma students. We partner with education-centered organizations across the state and provide a platform for educators, parents, and community leaders to bring positive change to our schools.

Students Not Systems

Our education system should support the unique needs of each child to help every kid in Oklahoma reach their potential.

Big Dreams and
Bold Ideas

We need bold thinking and optimism to change Oklahoma’s education system and achieve better student outcomes.

Win Together

Education should not be a partisan issue. We must work together to give all students the education they deserve. 

What We Do

EKCO elevates the voices of Oklahoma students, educators, and parents to build an education system that works for every kid.

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We provide Oklahoma families and educators with the education resources they need to succeed.

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