Every kid counts.

Every student gets a quality education.

Every child succeeds.

Our Story

EKCO was founded in 2020 with a simple but powerful goal: to create new opportunities in education that will meet the needs of each student where they are, allowing them to learn, grow, and succeed. Hear more from our former Executive Director, Ryan Walters.



Students Not Systems

We celebrate ideas that recognize the potential of each child and work to create an academic organization that serves all students well.


Actions Speak Louder

We’re an organization of thoughtful and intentional action. Education won’t be better until we all do better. The time to act is now, and the responsibility is ours.


Big Dreams & Bold Ideas

Oklahoma needs bold thinking fueled by the optimism that we can revolutionize both our schools and our students' outcomes.


Win Together

Education is not a partisan issue. Together we can achieve high standards and accountability, which will lead to a quality education for all, the ultimate win-win for Oklahoma.



Enact Education Solutions

Providing Oklahoma students with a quality education shouldn't be a political issue, but one that unites us all. That's why we work with teachers, parents, and community stakeholders from around the state to improve outcomes for students and advocate for innovative solutions that help make this happen.

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Amplify Education Voices

When students are placed in the right learning conditions, the opportunities they have are endless. We provide resources to Oklahoma families, educators, and community leaders to amplify their voices and help achieve a better education environment for our kids.

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Our Leadership

Many diverse backgrounds, one shared mission. Meet the faces behind EKCO working to make lasting change in the lives of Oklahoma families.

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From legislative updates to research and resources, get up to speed on what we’ve been working on to improve Oklahoma’s education landscape.

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