Non-Profit Partnership Opportunity

In 2022, USCellular launched the After School Access Project. The program provides free mobile hotspots and service to nonprofits that support youth after the school day has ended and provides safe internet access for homework and education to help bridge the digital divide.

UScellular recently committed to providing $13 million in free hotspots and service. We are passing this along to all of our partners, business & community leaders who need support like this, or know of an agency that does, so they can apply. 

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EKCO Biz Roundtable

Business Roundtable Launch

Business leaders from a wide array of industries across the state met to discuss workforce development needs, what Oklahoma does right in education, and where there's an opportunity for growth. The leaders will meet bi-monthly to help move the needle forward in education and industry in our great state.
If you're interested in learning more about partnering with us to improve education, we invite you to reach out to us. We'd love to connect with you! 
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Educator Gifts

This past holiday season, EKCO helped connect Oklahoma businesses to their local school districts through an Educator Gift Initiative – a way to thank local educators for their passionate work on innovative, outside-the-box projects with a direct gift to their classrooms.

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Businesses supporting teachers

We want to thank the businesses that have given direct support to innovative teachers.

A Word from our Interim Executive Director

Business leaders should be investing in education because when they begin recruiting employees one of the first questions the recruits ask is, where will my kids go to school? So businesses are looking for communities in which there are many educational opportunities for recruits’ kids and also that potential employee themselves. When the schools in any given area are failing it’s difficult to get people to want to move there. Oklahoma is growing and families are coming to join our economy and communities, and those families are looking to our state for educational opportunities. Choice, transparency, and accountability all collaborating with the business community results in better outcomes. Oklahoma’s workforce has to be able to take on the opportunities of today and also face the challenges of the future. 

Business leaders must help train an educated workforce in mission-critical areas like engineering and health care. We are working together to ensure that all Oklahoma kids can have a brighter future because EKCO is uniting business leaders, parents, and teachers to work together.  

At EKCO, we encourage a proactive view of the education environment to recruit talent.

When we’re creating many pathways to success for all students, we’re providing them with a better future and a reason to stay and grow in Oklahoma. Kids have many different interests and when we give them a pathway to success in that field and they see how they can apply that interest to a job and make a career out of it, then they see the potential, and they get excited. 



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Want to work with us?

Do you have an idea for improving education in our state? Let us know! We welcome the voices of parents, teachers, community leaders, and anyone passionate about Oklahoma education.

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