Bridge the Gap Digital Wallet

Giving 5,000 low-income Oklahoma families $1,500 to purchase curriculum content and/or technology.

UPDATE as of 11/10/2020:To further expand the grant funds to Oklahoma families in need, we have raised the income eligibility threshold for the grant. Now, families who make at or below 185% of the federal poverty level will be eligible to apply. If you have already applied, you do not need to take any action. All applications will be re-reviewed and if you now qualify, you will receive an approval email in 2-3 weeks. Families who are now eligible to apply under the new guidelines are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Call 844.649.2921 for application support. Email for questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the program?

To provide easy and secure access to funds granted to low-income families through the Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund for school supplies, tutoring and/or technology needs.

Who is eligible for the funds? 

This program will provide $1,500 grants to more than 5,000 Oklahoma families who make at or below 185% of the federal poverty level. For reference, 185% is the income level commonly used to determine eligibility for free/reduced school lunches.

How will this program help students?

As our students face disruptions from COVID-19 and schools turn to distance learning, we must ensure all Oklahoma students have the supplies and materials necessary to meet their individual education needs. By giving families these funds, we are empowering them to choose what materials are most necessary to make their children successful academically.

What exactly can I buy with the funds?

Integrated with Class Wallet are over 30 education materials, supplies, technology and book e-commerce vendors. Some popular ones include Office Depot, Staples, Scholastic, School Specialty, Really Good Stuff and many more. Parents will be able to log into ClassWallet and purchase what they need for their children using funds in their ClassWallet digital wallet account. 

A full list of vendors can be found here. Login to ClassWallet here.

Which schools have access to Digital Wallet?

This program will be available for all Oklahoma students grades K-12, no matter the school the student attends.

How will students and parents be able to apply for the funds?

Students and parents can apply for their digital wallet funds by filling out the application on the Every Kid Counts Oklahoma website.

How will students and parents be able to access and use the funds?

The program has contracted with ClassWallet. Funds will be deposited electronically into a ClassWallet digital wallet. Parents will be provided instructions on how to log into ClassWallet to access and use the funds.

How much will the grants be for and how many Oklahoma families will receive them?

During its initial phase, we will distribute $1,500 grants for up to 5,000 Oklahoma families.

I have more than one student at home. Do we qualify for more than one grant?

Each household can qualify for only one $1,500 grant.

How much is being spent on this program?

In total, $8 million of the GEER funds is proposed to pay for these grants.

When will I know if I’m approved?

Applications can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to process depending on the information you provided. If an application is submitted with all required documentation and is qualified based on verified income documents, then an award notice email will go out the Friday of the following week after completion.

What is being done to prevent fraud? 

All vendors integrated into the ClassWallet digital wallet platform have been approved. Parents will only be able to use grant funds to acquire materials from the approved vendors. This ensures compliance and transparency, as well as streamlines the processing time for students' requests. The ClassWallet platform automates the tracking and reconciliation of all the purchases, so there will be no work required by the parents to submit receipts or expense reports.

How long will the funds be available? Are they given out on a first-come, first-served basis?

When at maximum awards, priority will be given based on completion (verification) date and income level. The deadline to submit an application is Feb. 15, 2021. Families will have until Mar. 31, 2021 to use the entirety of their grant funds.

How will this work if my child lives in a split household? 

In cases where there are two families who share a child and there are also additional children eligible in one or both of the households then both households are eligible for their own awarding. In cases where there are two families who share a child and there are no other children eligible in either household then the first verified application will receive the funding. The second household will receive a custom denial letter advising the student has already received an award.

preguntas frecuentes

¿Cuál es el propósito del programa?

Brindar acceso fácil y seguro a los fondos otorgados a estudiantes de bajos ingresos a través del Fondo de Ayuda Educativa de Emergencia del Gobernador (GEER por sus siglas en inglés) para útiles escolares, tutoría y/o necesidades de equipos tecnológicos.

¿Quién califica para los fondos?

Este programa otorgará $1,500 a más de 5,000 familias de Oklahoma que seencuentran en o por debajo del Nivel Federal de Pobreza.

¿Cómo ayudará este programa a los estudiantes?

A medida que nuestros estudiantes enfrentan interrupciones debido al COVID-19 y las escuelas recurren al aprendizaje a distancia, debemos asegurarnos de que todos los estudiantes de Oklahoma tengan los equipos y materiales necesarios para satisfacer sus necesidades individuales de educación. Al proveer estos fondos a las familias, les damos el poder de elegir que materiales son necesarios para que sus hijos tengan éxito académicamente.

¿Qué puedo comprar exactamente con los fondos?

El programa ClassWallet está integrado con más de 30 proveedores de comercio electrónico de libros, útiles, equipos tecnológicos y materiales educativos. Algunos de los más populares son Office Depot, Staples, Scholastic, School Specialty, Really Good Stuff y muchos más. Los padres podrán ingresar al sitio web de ClassWallet y comprar lo que necesiten para sus hijos usando los fondos en su cuenta de billetera digital ClassWallet.

¿Qué escuelas tienen acceso a Digital Wallet?

Este programa estará disponible para todos los estudiantes de Oklahoma de los grados K a 12, sin importar la escuela a la que asista el estudiante.

¿Cómo podrán los estudiantes y los padres solicitar los fondos?

Estudiantes y padres pueden solicitar los fondos de su billetera digital completando la solicitud en el sitio web Every Kid Counts Oklahoma.

¿Cómo podrán los estudiantes y los padres acceder y utilizar los fondos?

El programa Billetera Digital Bridge the Gap tiene un contrato con ClassWallet. Los fondos se depositarán electrónicamente en una billetera digital de ClassWallet. Los padres recibirán instrucciones sobre cómo crear una cuenta en ClassWallet para acceder y utilizar los fondos.

¿De cuánto será la ayuda financiara y cuántos estudiantes de Oklahoma las recibirán?

Durante su fase inicial, distribuiremos ayuda financiara de $1,500 para hasta5,000 estudiantes de Oklahoma.

Tengo más de un estudiante en casa. ¿Calificamos para una segundaayuda?

Cada hogar puede calificar para una sola ayuda de $1,500.

¿Cuánto se está gastando en este programa?

Se propone un total de $8 millones de los fondos del GEER para pagar esta ayuda financiara.

¿Cuándo sabré si estoy aprobado?

El tiempo de tramitación será de aproximadamente 14 días hábiles. Dependiendo de cuántas familias presenten la solicitud a la vez, podría demorar un poco más. Una vez que se haya tomado una determinación, se notificará a los padres de la aprobación o denegación.

¿Qué se está haciendo para prevenir el fraude?

Todos los proveedores integrados en la plataforma de la billetera digital ClassWallet han sido aprobados. Los padres solo podrán utilizar los fondos dela ayuda financiara para adquirir materiales de los proveedores aprobados. Esto asegura el cumplimiento y la transparencia, además de agilizar el tiempo de procesamiento de las solicitudes de los estudiantes. La plataformaClassWallet automatiza el seguimiento y la conciliación de todas las compras, por lo que los padres no tendrán ningún requerimiento de enviar recibos o informes de gastos.

¿Cuánto tiempo estarán disponibles los fondos? ¿Se entregan por orden de llegada?

Cuando se alcance el máximo de entregas, se dará prioridad según la fecha en la que la aplicación fue completada (basado en el proceso de verificación)y el nivel de ingresos.

¿Cómo funcionará esto si mi hijo vive en un hogar dividido?

En los casos en que hay dos familias que comparten un hijo y también hay niños adicionales elegibles en uno o ambos hogares, ambos hogares son elegibles para su propia ayuda financiara. En los casos en que hay dos familias que comparten un niño y no hay otros niños elegibles en ninguno delos hogares, la primera solicitud verificada recibirá los fondos. El segundo hogar recibirá una carta de denegación personalizada informando que el estudiante ya ha recibido fondos.

Award Notification FAQs

I applied for the program a few weeks ago and have yet to hear anything back. Can you let me know when I will hear back?

Applications can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to process depending on the information you provided. If an application is submitted with all required documentation and is qualified based on verified income documents, then an award notice email will go out the Friday of the following week after completion. 

If the income did not meet the 185% federal poverty level requirements, then the application is held for four weeks to allow the family to submit required additional documents to prove their income has been negatively impacted by Covid-19. These required documents are three months’ of bank statements or an unemployment letter dated between March 2020 and present. You will need to log in to your application account and see if you are required to submit these additional documents.

After the four week hold, the applications are reviewed in full. If nothing additional has been submitted or the decrease in income is not Covid-19 related, then a denial email is sent once processing has been completed. If it is determined that the income has been impacted by Covid-19, then an adjustment will be done. After that point, if the family then qualifies they will receive an award notice email the Friday of the following week. Anyone who does not qualify will get a notice that they are not qualified. Denial and approval notices are sent on a rolling basis as available.

I received an email that said I did not meet income guidelines, can you tell me more about why I received this decision?

Many individuals have questions regarding why their application was not approved based on income calculations. While we do not have the capacity to review application decisions, we can offer the following explanation on how decisions are reached. First, it must be determined that a family meets 185% of the federal poverty level. In order to determine this number, we look at the Adjusted Gross Income from your 2019 Federal 1040 as well as all non-taxable income including:

  • Housing Allowance
  • Social Security Income (non-taxable)
  • SNAP
  • TANF
  • Welfare

For more information about the definition of federal poverty level, please click the button below. All income determinations are final.

I received an email that said I could not receive funds because I don’t have a child in private school – I thought this program was for public school students?

First and foremost, Bridge the Gap Digital Wallet IS in fact forALL student K-12, regardless of what school they attend. If you take another look at the denial email you received, it will say the denial is for the Stay in Schools Fund, not for Bridge the Gap.

The Stay in Schools (SIS) Fund is a separate program from Bridge the Gap Digital Wallet. To quality for SIS, students must be enrolled in a private school and must meet income level designations. If your child is not enrolled in a private school, you cannot qualify for SIS funds. However, Bridge the Gap is for all students in Oklahoma including public and private school students. The only requirement for qualification is to meet the federal poverty level definition outlined above.

The application you filled out had a drop-down section where you could select between the two programs to apply for. If you accidentally selected SIS then this is why you received the denial email for that program. 

If you would like to be considered for Bridge The Gap Digital Wallet, simply log in to your application account, change your drop-down selection at the bottom of section two to be Bridge The Gap and click save. You will then be considered for this grant and receive a separate award notification email once your application has been processed.

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