You know better than anyone what your child needs to be successful. We’ll help turn that knowledge into action.

As a parent or guardian of an Oklahoma student, you have a unique perspective on our schools and whether or not your family’s needs are being met. We’re honored to partner with parents in our shared mission to improve Oklahoma’s educational landscape and provide the unique learning environments we know students need.

Parent Texting Helpline

Have questions or need help with the new Open Transfer process? Want to get in touch about anything related to education in Oklahoma? EKCO has a new text helpline to get you answers for anything related to education in Oklahoma!

Getting help is as easy as texting 1-833-270-7766.

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Oklahoma Education Investments

With the passage of the historic ASPIRE Oklahoma Plan, our Oklahoma legislators and Governor passed a first-of-its-kind education freedom program in the form of refundable tax credits and record funding in Oklahoma public schools. Learn more about each by visiting our blog posts dedicated to each portion of the plan: public school funding, private school tax credits, and homeschool tax credits


What are My Rights?

Oftentimes, parents aren't given a copy of their rights under Oklahoma and IDEA law until the end of their meeting. Knowing what your rights are BEFORE empowers you as the strongest advocate in your child's education! 

Parents' IEP Rights Download
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How NOT to Leave the IEP Table in Tears

Being at the IEP table can be intimidating, however, we can equip you so it doesn't have to be!  Watch our four-part video series, along with additional downloadable resources, to make sure that you are equipped with knowledge.


Questions To Ask BEFORE Every IEP Meeting

Being at the IEP table can be intimidating, however, we can equip you so it doesn't have to be! Before your next meeting, review the IEP checklist and see what additional information you need to be an equal member of the team.

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You Don't Have To Know Everything

To help IEP & 504 meetings be more effective and child-centered, knowing how to phrase your questions can be a game-changer! One of our favorites is, "Will you please show me the policy?" Download our free resource to see what other positive phrases can help you leave the IEP table feeling empowered and not in tears.

Curious Questions Download

Lista de Verificación del IEP

Preguntas que debes preguntar antes o en cada reunión del IEP!

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No Tienes Que Saberlo Todo

Descargue nuestro recurso gratuito para ver qué otras frases positivas pueden ayudarlo a dejar la mesa del IEP sintiéndose empoderado y sin lágrimas.

Frases Positivas

IEP and 504 Help Available

Navigating the world of IEPs and 504s can be challenging, to say the least! EKCO has a Master IEP Coach ® on staff who can help at no cost to you! She will walk alongside you from requesting an evaluation to reviewing your child's IEP or 504 to ensure that their needs are met. 

Connect Today
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Help Your Child's Teachers

Does your child have an IEP or 504 in place? Download and customize our free snapshot to reflect your child's unique needs and share with their teachers!

You will see the option to download, print, and copy in Google Docs.

Free Download

Tutoring Connections

Does your student need a little extra help to enhance their learning or fill in some knowledge gaps? We have compiled some resources to help!

Find OKC Resources
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If you don't find what you need in our resource guides, we suggest using the term "tutoring services near me" in your search engine for more options. We also invite you to reach out to us at or via text to (833) 270-7766 and we will help! 

Find Tulsa Resources

Open Transfer FAQs

Wondering what Open Transfer means for you? We’ve compiled the most asked questions to help you through the new transfer process.

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Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The Opportunity Scholarship Fund is a scholarship granting organization providing life-changing opportunities to low-income students who would not normally receive a pathway to specialized education.

Learn More

Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships

Since 2010, Lindsey Nicole Henry (LNH) Scholarships have provided qualifying students with a school voucher to cover the cost of tuition at eligible private schools.

learn more

Oklahoma Private Schools

Oklahoma's private schools offer unique learning environments that may include smaller class sizes, a specific religious tradition, or a different curriculum than is available in your home district.

School Rankings

Oklahoma Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that are innovative and designed to deliver programs tailored to educational excellence and the needs of the communities. Currently, there are 27+ charter schools across the state.

Available Options
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Back to School Resources

If you're looking for back-to-school savings tips, school supplies, district start dates, enrichment activities, or other resources to make the transition back to the classroom a little easier on your student and your wallet, we have compiled some resources to connect you!

Find OKC Resources
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If you are searching for more information in any area and don't see a resource near you in our guides, please reach out to us at or via text to (833) 270-7766 and we will help to connect you! 

Find Tulsa Resources

Hear from Oklahoma parents and families that EKCO has supported!

"Thank you for your support through the IEP Advocation Process. And thank you for your tireless efforts to reach out to knowledgeable contacts, research supporting laws and provide supporting documentation, as well as your poignant writing in support of our daughter. You’re a shining example of what it means to be a child advocate."

– Katie Miller, Tulsa Parent

"Thank you SO MUCH for all of this information! We have submitted applications and are now officially on the waitlist at the private school we feel best meets our child's needs and will challenge her appropriately. I appreciate all of your advice and info, it’s been so helpful!"

– T.D, Private School Parent

"Thank you so very much for spending the time to talk to me and to provide all of the helpful resources. I am so glad I found you. At the same time, I feel hopeful and overwhelmed. I’m so glad to have a map to guide my next few steps forward. I’ve already emailed the appropriate person at the district and I am motivated to get started on all the other steps as well. I am really so grateful for our conversation and for your guidance and understanding."

– Deer Creek Parent
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