We work with stakeholders from around the state to improve education outcomes for Oklahoma students.

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Right School, Right Opportunity

Each child is unique, and each school offers unique opportunities. Every child deserves to have access to opportunity. Right School, Right Opportunity is focused on expanding open transfer law to allow kids to transfer to where they can best learn, grow and thrive.

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Accurate Funding for Our Students

We care about our students, so let’s care about their funding. Accurate Funding for Our Students is focused on establishing real-time funding to make sure every school is paid accurately for students that attend at that moment in time.   

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What PEOPLE are saying

Oklahoma parents, students, educators, business/community leaders and legislators know the facts and support these common-sense bills. 

“I sought a transfer for my children and it was the best decision I could have made for them. I have seen my children come alive again in our new school and we have no plans of going back. I wish this same outcome was an option for every student.”
 – Kandice Jeske, Former Deer Creek Parent 
“The ability to choose the school that works best for your child is a right all parents should have. We need a new and improved transfer policy that opens up more of this opportunity and provides support for our students in these challenging times.”
– Ron Causby, Owasso Parent 
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“Oklahoma is operating under a few outdated and restrictive policies that are negatively impacting our kids. As parents, we should be aware of and upset about these policies, and we should want and demand change.”
- Taurean DuHart, Stillwater Parent
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Education Bills

This is not an exhaustive list and does not signify an endorsement of these bills.

House Bill 1592

Teacher salary determinations

Senate Bill 82

Future workforce needs report for education

House Bill 1802

School district revenue publication

Senate Bill 252

Computer science instruction access

House Bill 1840 

Testing fee reimbursement for teachers 

Senate Bill 386

Digital Wallet program permanency

House Bill 1982

Equal Opportunity Scholarship program tax credit expansion

Senate Bill 437

ACT/SAT student performance remediation 

House Bill 2176

Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship expansion

Senate Bill 639

OHLAP vocational program expansion

House Bill 2651

Raise the Cap scholarships expansion

Senate Bill 962

School board election date change

House Bill 2692 

Advanced roles for teachers and school leaders

House Bill 2752 

Micro-credentialing for teachers


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